The Toddler Diet

I despise organized exercise.  I do not enjoy equipment, going to the gym, etc.  It is not fun, it does not motivate.  As much as I have tried to hype it up and psych myself into it, I cannot.  As much as I would like to be that person that frequents the gym, I am not.  So after gaining 40 pounds during pregnancy, not losing it all after birth, and gaining 6 pounds back after nursing had to stop… I was disappointed the extra weight didn’t just melt away magically. (Yes, I really do believe that my wanting to be thin again should be enough to make me thin again.)

I haven’t been one for super healthy eating either.  Sure, healthy food graces my table and we cook most meals from scratch (or semi-scratch).  But we like fried food, fatty food, non-vegetable food, and I LOVE sweets.  Kind of hard to lose a little weight with no exercise and bad food.

Something magical happened though.  Without even realizing it, I lost some weight.  I went back to work last week and at least 6 different people commented on how thin I looked.  Holy Moly!  Where did that come from?  I searched for the answer…

Once I thought about it, I realized it came from my son.  The reason I gained weight has also become the reason I’ve lost weight.  In my valiant attempts to feed him healthy meals, I inadvertently fed myself healthy meals.  More fruits and vegetables and fewer fried, fatty foods made their way onto my plate.  I consciously began eating like my son – healthy snacks in between meals, smaller portions so I was satisfied, not stuffed.  In my hectic attempts to keep him busy and moving this summer, I kept myself busy and moving (and sweating because it was like 100 degrees every day).  We walked in the park, swam in the pool, ran around the house and backyard.  I lost 8 pounds this summer without really realizing it.  And 8 pounds doesn’t look like much on the scale when it is still not your pre-pregnancy weight.  (Amazing how one number in your head blinds you from other numbers that are just as good.)  But 8 pounds is HUGE when you really pay attention to it.

So to those of you that saw the change and commented – THANK YOU!  You made me smile.  You helped me feel better about myself.  Not because I want to be skinny.  But because I want to be healthy, and feel good again.  And I do.  I feel really good again.

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