I’d Kill For Chocolate And Cheese

Baby Girl’s tummy is not happy with something.  It has been going on since birth but has slowly been building up more and more as she grows.

Due to these tummy troubles, and wanting to continue breastfeeding, I am following her doctor’s recommendations and trying a no dairy no soy diet.

Sure, no problem.  I’ve already cut out the outright dairy, I can add all of it and soy.  That was my thinking on day one.

Day two after research and a visit to the grocery store – seriously, this is going to be horrible.  There may have been some tears.  From me.

No cheese people.  No freaking cheese!  No chocolate.  No freaking chocolate!  I practically drool over and into the cup of milk I pour for my son 3 times a day – I love milk.  And do you know what soy is in?  EVERYTHING!  And by everything, I mean EVERYTHING!  I have been reading every ingredient list on every item in the grocery store for the past few weeks and there are about all of 3 things I can eat.

When you go on a no dairy no soy diet, you pretty much stick with meat, fruit, vegetables, and baked goods you make yourself with milk and butter substitutes (which I have yet to locate and is why this post is being written).  I’m still learning the ropes here and haven’t had 5 hours of free time to read all the labels at Whole Foods.

The hardest thing – satisfying my sweet tooth.  I’m not even close to the word satisfy.  I’m in the needs improvement, failing miserably part of satisfying my sweet tooth.  I LOVE to eat dessert – cookies, cake, candy, pie.  Cheesecake is my most favorite of all.  If it’s sugary and sweet, I pretty much love it and don’t hesitate to eat it.  And everything sweet either has milk or butter in it.  And everything made in a manufacturing plant and sold in the grocery store has soy in it.  So I haven’t had a decent dessert in a long while.

I’m dying.  Tonight, my body and mind could only do one thing – try to find dessert in my house.  Guess what I ended up with.  Trader Joe’s version of cream of wheat to which I added brown sugar and raisins.  Is that the most pathetic dessert you’ve ever heard of?  Maybe a piece of bark or chunk of wax could be worse.

So while the rest of the world is celebrating our country’s birthday with hot dogs and fireworks, Baby Girl will be following me to the 4 grocery stores in our 5-mile radius to find SOMETHING remotely sweet that I can eat.  Even if it ends up being packets of Splenda.  I’ll take what I can get.  I’m desperate.

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3 Responses to I’d Kill For Chocolate And Cheese

  1. lammie says:

    I have a soy allergy too and I found a chocolate bar with no soy or milk. Who’s you’re new best friend?

  2. so, so, sorry, but you get persevering mommy award! 🙂

  3. Sharon Blackmore says:

    Due to coronary heart disease, I have gone vegan. Honey is good for the sweet tooth and all fruits. I love ice cream, Hershey bars and corn chips. Have had none of these for over 6 months.

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