What I’ve Learned In Preschool

Buggy has started his first year of preschool.  Real preschool.  Few days a week, few hours a day, nice soft spoken ladies and tiny people everywhere preschool.

And already, from his first day, I have learned a few things.

1. Baby Girl still hates being in the car, even for the less than 20 minute round trip.  (Well really, it’s her tummy and reflux that hate it – but that’s another story, I may never tell.)

2. Your children will often surprise you.  Not that I doubted there would be no tears from Buggy, just wasn’t sure how well he’d do getting taken from the car by a woman he doesn’t know.  He was great.

3. It may be impossible to leave the parking lot without a few tears.  None from Buggy of course.  Mostly lots from Baby Girl, though I doubt they were from being sad to see big brother go.  My eyes might have gotten a tad watery.  It was the view in my side mirror of Buggy holding the aid’s hand walking up the steps.  Got me right in the heart!

4. Speaking of the parking lot, the whole parents-don’t-listen-to-instructions-during-orientation-or-read-the-handbook-carefully starts very early in the schooling years.  Yeah, I’m talking about you Dad that made a LEFT out of the parking lot this morning when you know they told you only make a RIGHT during carpool.  Geez!

5. Baby Girl sleeps through the vacuuming of the family room and kitchen floor.  Yes I vacuum my kitchen floor.  Get a Dyson, you will understand.

6. It’s amazing how productive I can be in 2 hours.  Friends told me to take a nap, read a book, watch TV.  I’d prefer the dishes done and the house clean.  It’s been 5 months of chaos and terror (the suitcase from the hospital is STILL on my bedroom floor).  I need clean calm.

7. It’s amazing how little can be done in 2 hours.  Every room of my house needs help.  I have a long list.

I did complete everything on this list. Yay for me!

8. Three fun-and-friend-filled hours does not ensure that your child will immediately crash the second his or her head hits the pillow for an afternoon nap.  Nor did the parent handbook promise children would nap after each school day – darn.  Threats of no hot-wheels, TV, or blanky can help.

9. Recess as a child’s favorite part of the school day starts early.  When asked, “What did you do today, Buggy?” his reply was, “I play in the sandbox.”  That’s the only thing he told me on his own.  Everything else was a “yes” to a question I asked, and concerning 3-year-olds a “yes” doesn’t mean it happened, is true, or actually means “yes”.

10. It’s going to be a great school year!

What a cutie!

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1 Response to What I’ve Learned In Preschool

  1. Jessica says:

    So sweet, glad he did great!

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