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I’d Kill For Chocolate And Cheese

Baby Girl’s tummy is not happy with something.  It has been going on since birth but has slowly been building up more and more as she grows. Due to these tummy troubles, and wanting to continue breastfeeding, I am following … Continue reading

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Proof Is More Than Pee On A Stick

The reasons I know I am pregnant… ~ I barfed daily.  Without medicine, I would have barfed way more than daily. ~ Some of my pants are held up and together with rubber bands. (For those of you who don’t … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Bit And I Don’t Have Super Powers

Not a black widow, not a snake, not even a Lyme disease carrying tick. I’ve been bit by the craft bug and I can’t help myself. Over the past few weeks, I have had an uncontrollable itch to be crafty.  … Continue reading

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Let Sleeping Moms (Or Just Me) Lie

I am weird at night and it has only gotten worse.  My husband will completely attest to it.  There are times when he refuses to sleep in the same bed as me because I have freaked him out. I have … Continue reading

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