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Let the Countdown Begin – But Start At 5, Not 10

Child #2 is due to arrive in less than a week.  And by “due” I do not mean the natural clock within my maternal awesomeness that decides when she is ready to make her appearance (which would probably keep her … Continue reading

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Let It Go! Not That Much, That’s Better

I feel like I’ve been on a weird roller coaster for the past few months.  Sickness and health with Buggy, work schedule and my job outlook for next year, things going on with family and friends, feeling overwhelmed with the … Continue reading

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The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

I do like the song where the title comes from – but this one isn’t about music or Brand New. I don’t think that last part is ever really true.  As quiet as you may be about something, there are … Continue reading

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I’m Still Alive, And Sleepy

Hello there.  Where have I been you ask?  Well, since the New Year rang in, I’ve been wiping snot off of Buggy’s face.  Pretty much non stop.  Pretty much ew gross.  It started with congestion and it ended with… well, … Continue reading

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Let Sleeping Moms (Or Just Me) Lie

I am weird at night and it has only gotten worse.  My husband will completely attest to it.  There are times when he refuses to sleep in the same bed as me because I have freaked him out. I have … Continue reading

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Resolutions Or Just My To Do List

I have 3 seasons of resolutions – or goals really.  New Years because everybody’s doing it .  New school year – my life drastically changes in August and then again in June, I have to be prepared.  Lent – I’m … Continue reading

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Food Wars: Help Yourself

I have to say that the title Food Wars doesn’t seem as appropriate.  Well, it does and it doesn’t.  Buggy is an excellent eater.  His appetite is strong (most days), he is adventurous with flavors and textures (most days), and … Continue reading

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