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I Want The Dirty One

Lovies.  Lots of kids have them.  Heck, lots of adults have them.  My cabbage patch kid slept with me through college – though I could survive a night without him, unlike most kids.  To some children its the pacifier, a … Continue reading

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Frenemy Update

Nap time totally turned its back on me yesterday.  He slept.  From 11-12:30.  That’s usually awake and lunch time.  His whole schedule, my whole schedule, was completely messed up.  Extra snack.  Late lunch.  Weirdness.  And from 3:30 on, he cried, … Continue reading

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Nap Time Is My Frenemy

Lord Help Me!  For the past 8 days, Buggy has been a bit off with the nap schedule.  There have been morning naps – most pretty normal and successful.  There has been only one afternoon nap.  He is almost 14 … Continue reading

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