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How To Unexpectedly Spend Nothing On Your Toddler’s Birthday

Let me just preface this with the simple fact that this is a how-to you probably shouldn’t follow. Buggy celebrated his 2nd birthday last month.  While the very first and the 1st year birthday always steal the show, the 2nd … Continue reading

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How Do I Stop The Hitting?

Buggy hits.  He hits me.  He hits me in anger.  He hits me on purpose. And I don’t know how to stop it. I have a book on my bedside table that I have skimmed through and keep telling myself … Continue reading

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I Have A Hobby That Works!

Do you remember this? I actually did it!  My hopes and dreams of such an intense undertaking – growing a garden and composting – actually came to fruition.  NOW it looks like this… So far we have enjoyed lettuce, spinach … Continue reading

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Family Vacations Need Warning Labels

Seasoned parents LOVE to warn you about all the hard times that having a child brings.  The crying, pooping, sleepless nights, spit up, throw up, flung food, etc.  They revel in their deep knowledge of all things baby.  You can … Continue reading

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Ah… Summer!

That’s right people.  Get your green with envy looks on.  Strap that jealousy hat on snug.  I am officially off for summer! One of the perks of being a teacher.  Along with contracting all common and strange diseases within a … Continue reading

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