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The “Merry Christmas” Photoshoot

It ends like this… But there is always quite a process to get to that end point.  Of course, it’s never the last photo.  It’s one somewhere in the middle of a hectic photoshoot that makes it on the yearly … Continue reading

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The Itsy Bitsy Spider Will Ruin My Driving Record

PO: License and registration please ma’am. Me: Yes sir, just a moment. PO: Where you headed in such a hurry? Me: We are going home. PO: Ma’am, do you realize you were going 15 over the posted speed limit? Me: … Continue reading

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The Dwarfs Were Too Optimistic

You know those 7 little dwarfs that let the beautiful princess live with them?  Even helped to save her life?  They are not glass half full dwarfs. They are glass always completely full, overflowing, flooding dwarfs.  Their little song about … Continue reading

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It’s Not Magic, But It’s Doing Something

I recently shared some discipline issues with my 2 year old. After writing that post, some advice from friends and family shoved me led me to the realization that I needed to be looking at Buggy’s discipline as a whole, … Continue reading

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My Naked Truth

I’ve recently come across a great gal, Ryan, over at The Woven Moments.  She is hosting a link party for “The Naked Truth” and I thought I would join.  If you have a chance, check her out too. I was … Continue reading

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