I’ve Been Bit And I Don’t Have Super Powers

Not a black widow, not a snake, not even a Lyme disease carrying tick.

I’ve been bit by the craft bug and I can’t help myself.

Over the past few weeks, I have had an uncontrollable itch to be crafty.  I’m not normally a super crafty person.  I dabble here and there in things but it is never long lasting – at least not enough to call it a hobby.

My mother taught me how to sew.  Over the years I’ve made clothes, purses, quilts (a Christmas one has been started yet never completed in 5 years), blankets, burp cloths, Christmas stockings, curtains, and my son’s Halloween costume.

He's a fish! So stinking cute!

I have dabbled in scrap-booking (a box full of fun paper and stamps in the attic to prove it), painting (in my younger years), gardening (we have a few plants growing currently), jewelry making (those really cool beads are expensive!), wreath making (just did one for the MIL for Christmas – isn’t hanging on her door yet – awesome).  Again, none really stuck as a weekly, monthly, or even yearly occurrence.

Thanks to a trip to Hobby Lobby over winter vacation, I found the fabric I want to use to make curtains for my horrifyingly naked family room.

Don't fret my dear windows - you shall have your drapes.

Thanks to a work stipend for twice monthly meetings, monthly staff developments, numerous other things, and a generous gift card from friends for my birthday – I can now afford to buy this fabric and make these curtains.

Good, because my plans to take the money from our joint bank account without having Hubby know about it never really got past the “I want to buy this fabric” stage.

Now that I have thought about these curtains for the past few months (no, still haven’t bought the fabric – trying to figure out exactly what type of curtains I will make.  One step at a time folks.) I now have an itch to do other crafty things.

Looking for curtain ideas led me to decorating blogs which led me to craft blogs.  My itch is a craft-DIYdecor-apalooza.  And things I have never done before in the fields of sewing, jewelry making, painting, furniture building (you heard that right the first time), and other miscellaneous crafting activities.

I had a week off of work for Spring Break.  Half of it was spent with a sick and cranky toddler, the other half I was sick and cranky.  But I did manage to make a few trips to the craft store and make a few sets of cards (stamped little fruits and vegetables using wine corks – that’s right, I’m on my way to being a regular Martha Stewart) for secretaries at work.  That’s a start.

My list is still quite long.  And I’m still wondering where I will procure the funds.  Obviously I’ll have to do a craft at a time rather than all at once.  Poo, that’s no fun – but probably more productive and a better use of my time and money.

I’m sure my crafty to-do list will run long through the summer.  Maybe well into my retirement.  Does Heaven have craft stores and sewing machines?

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2 Responses to I’ve Been Bit And I Don’t Have Super Powers

  1. I started a whole craft ROOM to house the enormous amount of supplies and projects I have at any one time. It was the best (and the worst) idea ever. Happy crafting!! Show us more pics of your triumphs!!

    • AKeo says:

      You know what you just did… now I’m going to HAVE to get crafty because you want proof and progress notes! I’ll definitely post some of my accomplishments. Thanks for visiting. I also really like that craft room idea… hmmm…

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