Hold On To Your Hats Folks – It’s Date Night!!

Hubby and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary this past weekend.  Thank you, thank you.

The in-laws kept Buggy overnight so we could enjoy ourselves.  For a few weeks we searched the area for a new, unique restaurant to visit.  We read reviews from several sites and settled on a new Indian restaurant nearby to try.

We settled the day of our date.  We didn’t really think, talk, or plan much else for the evening.  And it showed.

Buggy was dropped off just before 4 and we were on our own.  We had quickly decided to visit a few antique and consignment stores to look for a sideboard for our dining room.  I know people – we are too cool for school.

4:59 – finished with the sideboard shopping

Hmmmm… what do we do now?  Let’s pick up a bottle of wine to enjoy after dinner.

5:15 – wine procured along with two bags of sunflower seeds

Even though we are STARVING (we eat by 5:30 every night per Buggy), we refuse to enter a restaurant before 6.  I’m not kidding, I could have eaten my arm.  But 6:00 it is.

Let’s go to Home Goods and look around.  We looked at every aisle in the place to pass the time.  We ended up buying an overpriced Thomas toy for Buggy.  How could we not buy something with so much time invested in looking around?

5:55 – out of Home Goods and on our way to dinner

We enjoyed a delicious, albeit overpriced, dinner.  We stayed and chatted for a few minutes after the check was paid and table cleared.

7:05 – Home.  What?  How can we be home already?  Oh yeah, bad planning.

7:08 – Quickly check Fandango for a possible movie – no go (we are not movie goer people as it is and nothing really tickled our fancy)

OK, so we are really going to stay at home now.  We quickly discuss renting a movie through our cable.

Yes, I go put on my pajamas.  Seriously.  Snowflake PJ pants, W&M shirt, giant sweatshirt.  Hubby put PJs on too – how could he let me be the only one lounging in comfort?

Wine is poured, pajama-ed bodies comfortably strewn on couch, TV turned on.  Nothing more.  The channel already on is replaying Planet Earth episodes.  We are hooked.

I kept glancing at the clock thinking it must be after 11 because I was horribly tired.  Um, the left side of the : still says 8.  Seriously?

That’s ok, because we headed upstairs before the clock turned 9.  I think I was asleep before 9:30 – definitely before 10.

Hey – I’d gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before because I was cheering on VCU in their crazy overtime upset.  Go Masters Alma Mater and employer/Alma Mater of Hubby!

I swear I’m only turning 30 this year – not 80.  But from the looks of Saturday night, it’s hard to tell.

From the honeymoon

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2 Responses to Hold On To Your Hats Folks – It’s Date Night!!

  1. Wow can I relate! Just yesterday at work we had an ice breaker activity and one of the questions was “What is your favorite place in the world?” Everyone had fabulous answers like “My beach house in Maui”. You know what mine was? The comfy spot on my couch with a cup of tea and a book. Seriously.

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