Snoop Dogg Is Secretly Teaching My Son To Talk

For the life of me, I cannot figure out something Buggy, my son, is telling me.

I’ve quickly learned that as he learns, there are many of his words I don’t understand at first.  But eventually we come around and there is full understanding.

Not with this one thing.  And it’s kind of important for me to figure this out.

It sounds like a curse word – from the pimp’s dictionary.  And he says it A LOT.

“Bee-ee-otch”  “Bee-bee-otch”  “Bee-otch”

Not even kidding folks.  The first time we heard it, Hubby and I turned to look at each other and whispered at the exact same time, “did he just say…”

I’ve been paying close attention to when he says it, hoping for some clue as to what it means.  So I can perfect the pronunciation – quick!  I’ve even got the sitter on the hunt for clues.

But it’s used in so many different contexts.

Sometimes he grabs the remote and “Bee-ee-otch”.  TV watch?

Sometimes he grabs a notepad he’s writing on and “Bee-ee-otch”.  ABCs, watch?

Sometimes he grabs my hand, drags me around, and “Bee-ee-otch”.  No clue.

Most recently, he hugged me good night, looked right into my eyes, and very quietly with a smile on his face “Bee-ee-otch”.  I’m totally stumped.

I swear that we do NOT say this word.  Snoop Dogg is not blaring in the car.  Occasionally he pops up on my iTunes playlist.

Maybe the nun in line at the grocery store can figure it out for us… YIKES!

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2 Responses to Snoop Dogg Is Secretly Teaching My Son To Talk

  1. Great blog!

    My daughter, as an infant, used to call me “Ayaaa”. Not Mom or Mama or Mommy. It was totally vexing until one day my husband called to me from another room. “Ryan!” he said. “Ayaaaa!” she said. Mystery solved. She wasn’t calling me Mommy (because no one called me that). She was calling me Ryan. My name.

    She’s four now and I still maintain she’s a genius.

    • AKeo says:

      Haha! That’s great. It really is all about figuring out the context of the word. Maybe your daughter could come over and figure out my predicament!

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