What Does It All Mean?

No, I do not need to visit the Dalai Lama and ask for the meaning of life.

While most things children do can go in the “strange” column, Buggy has developed a few recent behaviors that make me wonder.  Not wonder about his mental state or intelligence.  Just wonder what is he really thinking?

#1: A lovely (true description) friend gave Buggy a lovely (not so true description) pop up play tent.  Buggy LOVES it.  Because of that, it stays.  And he usually just wants Daddy to go in there with him – even more reason not to donate it!

He drags Hubby/Daddy into said tent.  What do they do in there?  Buggy sits on his lap, looks up at him, and smiles.  That’s about it.  Are you scratching your head yet?  What does that mean?  Why is that so much fun?  I have no idea.  But it’s really fun watching my husband try and crawl in and out of that thing!

"Yay! I'm having so much fun!" said ???

#2: When Buggy gets a “boo-boo” or becomes greatly upset for whatever reason, I naturally console him with a hug as he lays and cries on my shoulder.  I think it’s real for about 1 minute and dramatic for the rest of its duration.  I now have proof of these dramatics.

If you’ve ever had a child cry anywhere in your vicinity, you know that fluids flow during the act of crying.  Tears, drool, snot.  It’s so lovely.  If said child is crying on your shoulder… your shoulder receives these liquids.

Buggy does his for real cry for the first 15-60 seconds.  He stops.  Picks his head up.  Looks at my shoulder.  Finds the tear/drool/snot spot and replies “Oh No!”.  Head goes back down, fake yell-cry-whine proceeds for 10 more seconds.  Head pops up.  “Oh No!”  Repeat.

Seriously – what is that?  It’s hilarious.  So now I’ve taken to giggling uncontrollably while he whine-cry-yells on my shoulder.  Such a good mommy – so caring and empathetic.

#3: The sitter’s son has taken up screaming.  So much so that one day she turned to me mid-scream and said, “I think I need to seek professional help for this.”  Luckily Buggy hasn’t quite picked up that behavior (although he does drink the milk out of his cereal bowl).  However he has tried a few yelling stints.  I follow them with a finger to my lips, a “shhhhhh”, and whisper that we don’t scream.

What does he do tonight?  Before leaving the high chair, he puts his finger to his mouth, let’s out a “shhhhhh” then screams at the top of his lungs and the highest pitch possible.  He does this several times.  Looking straight at me.  His eyes said it all.  “I know I’m not supposed to scream – that’s why I’m shushing.  It cancels out the scream.”

I tell you, there is always something new and interesting.  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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