A Frump Freeze

I have put myself on a frump freeze.  Allow me to explain.

We visited my best friend and her family over the MLK holiday weekend.  It was long overdue and seemed way too short.  But leave it to a best friend to slap you out of a funk.  A frump funk.

She came out of her room each day with cute little shirts, sweaters, jeans, and boots on.  I came out of her guest room each day wearing 1 of 3 v-neck cotton sweaters.  A.K.A. My uniform.  Seriously, I rotate these 3 sweaters just about every weekend unless I’m in pajamas, or a long-sleeve tee.  It’s about as dressy as I get on the weekends.  Yee haw!

Along with crappy clothes (not that I was ever that fashion savvy to begin with), I had no good new music to suggest for her iTunes and knew nothing of the world around me.  So disappointing.  When her kids were tots, I forced her to buy cute clothing at the mall, stocked her iPod with the latest and greatest from all genres, and dished about our latest trips to restaurants and clubs.  My how the tables had turned.

I’m not saying there is anything wrong with listening to old tunes on your ipod (or Sesame Street and Silly Songs for that matter), a rowdy Friday night is a beer and watching TV past 9:00, or wearing jeans (or sweats) on a regular basis.  That’s my life right now and frankly there isn’t a whole lot wrong with that.  However, it’s not great if it’s not you.

Motherhood changes you.  It changes your life.  Everything takes more effort than it ever did before.  Being you takes more effort than you ever thought it would take.  I’m not the same person.  I never will be.  But I also can’t lose what is left of me to the hustle and bustle of my new life.  I’m ok with sacrifices for my family – but I refuse to be the one that sacrifices myself to the point that I end up hurting my family in the end because I can’t find myself anymore.

Thanks to my bestie, I decided to make sure I step it up a notch.  I can’t promise that v-neck cotton sweaters will never grace my shoulders, or that I will hit the town every weekend (or even once a month – I’m being honest here).  But I’ve already started an effort to make sure I don’t lose myself in the frump.  I’ve downloaded a few new tunes, procured a few new threads (skinny jeans people – I now own 2 pair – and have worn them twice), and have planned a date night (to use my groupon of course – can’t take the mom out of me completely).  As much as I love being fully immersed in my world of Buggy, it is refreshing to take a few gulps of me air every once in a while.  And Buggy likes all of the dangly jewelry.


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1 Response to A Frump Freeze

  1. Tiffany says:


    I really needed to see this TODAY! Thank you very much for putting it out there. I, too, have about 2 sweaters that I rotate each weekend. It’s kind of sad! I don’t have much time for myself with two toddlers running around here. I did find a Mind/Body class at my church that will help raise my spirits and gain some sanity back.

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