I’m Still Alive, And Sleepy

Hello there.  Where have I been you ask?  Well, since the New Year rang in, I’ve been wiping snot off of Buggy’s face.  Pretty much non stop.  Pretty much ew gross.  It started with congestion and it ended with… well, it hasn’t ended.  We are still wiping.  And I’m out of tissues.  Again.  (Reminds me of this kid that lived in my neighborhood when I grew up that ALWAYS had snot running down his face.  I’m sure he would love that thinking of him makes me gag.  I hate nasal mucus – just trying out a new term – sounds just as disgusting if not more.)

In between, there were double ear infections, a sore throat, a cough, and many sleepless nights that ended with Buggy in our bed – I’m weak when he’s sick and I’m oh so very tired.  It’s been 3 weeks and we are FINALLY getting back to our normal sleep routine.  Yes, I have bags under my eyes that no amount of make-up will hide.  And I was dizzy today – from sleep deprivation.  The nurse checked my blood pressure.  It is sleep.  Or lack thereof.

It’s amazing how sickness can change EVERYTHING!  Three weeks ago I had a child that went to bed without a fight, slept soundly 12 hours a night, loved brushing his teeth, enjoyed being dried after a bath, would lay somewhat still to be changed and dressed, and didn’t take much coaxing to go back to sleep if awakened in the night.

I think most parents get the whole sleep changing with sickness thing.  Heck, our sleep changes when we are sick.  But the teeth brushing?  What’s up with that?  What does being sick have to do with teeth brushing?  He got a singing toothbrush for Christmas, and he would smile and dance while scrubbing away.  This was all after happily playing in the sink while being rubbed down with the towel after a bath.  Now?  As soon as he’s pulled out of the bathtub he’s like a baby spider monkey scrambling to cling to its mother.  Arms around my neck, legs around my middle, head resting on my shoulder, howling.  We have to pretty much force the toothbrush into the mouth (but it is slowly getting better).  Half of him dries on my shirt, the other half is dried by Daddy and the towel.

Not only has the nighttime/bathtime routine been shaken up, the whole changing a diaper-putting on clothes routine has been altered.  Yes, he has been hard to wrangle for a diaper change for a while.  But usually I can find something nearby to distract him.  Not so anymore.  He cries, tears streaming down the cheeks, like the diaper is a part of his actual body and I have just maliciously ripped it off.  Ouch.  So I’ve had to change my game plan.  Gone are the days of pleasantly cooing at my happy, giggling child while changing the diaper and putting on clothes.  Now, I take previous clothes off while he stands up and runs around the house (30 minutes later he’s finally naked).  Quickly, I lay Buggy down on top of unfurled diaper, using one hand to somewhat pin him from standing up immediately (he’s like a Russian gymnast – laying down to standing straight up in less than a millisecond), while the other hand tries to fasten the diaper upon his writhing body.  I equate it to putting a diaper on a cat, although I’ve never tried that before.  Finally, I allow him to stand up and finish the job from this upright position – applying lotion, putting on clothes, etc.  Worlds of fun.  Takes great skill as well.

As I write this I dream of my bed.  Yes, I plan on going to sleep before 9:00 tonight.  Did you read anything I just wrote?  It’s not lame… these days it is called survival.  Promise I won’t be away too long…

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1 Response to I’m Still Alive, And Sleepy

  1. christy says:

    Been there done that…..Im laughing thinking back…..retrospect what an ironic thing

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