When All Else Fails, Shadow Puppets

6:38 AM – Buggy’s cry is heard from the other side of the upstairs.  It’s not super early, but it’s early.  And neither of us have to get up to do anything, like work.  But he never wakes up crying.  He’s usually giggling, talking, cooing to himself.  Hubby goes to get him and bring him into our bed.  Maybe we will steal a few more moments of rest before the day begins.

6:41 AM – Buggy has completed his session of laying between us peacefully, chewing on his blanket, and letting us vegetate.  He begins writhing and rolling around.  Trying to free himself of our holds so he can slide off the bed and cause havoc.

6:43 AM – Hubby gets up to shut the door so he can’t escape our gaze or reach.  Buggy finds the flashlight on Hubby’s nightstand.  Thank you Maglite for making little rubbery buttons that 1-year-olds can press.

6:44 AM – While somehow trying to turn on and off the flashlight, move towards the bed, hand Daddy the flashlight, and walk – Buggy trips over the pile of Hubby’s clothes and falls down with the flashlight lightly conking part of him.  Crying.

6:44 AM and 10 seconds – Buggy is back in bed between us.  Flashlight is now in Daddy’s control.  Let the Shadow Puppet Show begin!

6:45 AM – A dog graces our walls and ceiling.  He “arfs”, pants, and eats things – like the door frame, that brighter light in the middle of the whole flashlight light (anyone know what I’m talking about?).  He falls off the ironing board (yes, there is an ironing board completely set up, 100% of the time, in our bedroom – that’s for another time).  He is hilarious.

If you can't see the dog, pull out your flashlight.

6:50 AM – The shadow puppet dog has stepped it up a notch.  He has a tongue, and it has ridiculous sound effects when it licks the door frame, the brighter light in the middle of the flashlight light, the fan, the wall, the anything within reach of the flashlight’s beam.  Buggy and I are laughing hysterically.  This is better than most shows I’ve watched lately.  I am loving that my husband is such a weirdo.  And I love that my son is enthralled with the shadow on the wall (yes, I checked, he was looking at the shadow!).

6:55 AM – Hubby asks, “Mommy, do you have any fun shadow puppets to show Buggy?”  Mommy’s reply: “Nope, Mommy has to go make breakfast.  See ya!”

Though the Nativity and Santa are the “symbols” of the season, our shadow puppet dog was my reminder today that no matter what (even if it’s only 22 minutes before I normally get out of bed on a no work day), the glass is ALWAYS half full.  Wherever you are in life, take a moment to stop and cherish that in your life that keeps the glass from being empty – even if it’s only a drop.

Merry Christmas folks!

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1 Response to When All Else Fails, Shadow Puppets

  1. So sweet and silly. A perfect reminder.
    Merry Christmas friend!

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