S N O W! Snow Snow Snow!

I love snow!  I do NOT love driving in snow.  I do NOT love shoveling snow.  But I DO love snow!  And we got about 3 inches of it today.  And I didn’t have to work.  And I don’t have to work tomorrow.  Score!

My love of snow goes way back.  My mother instilled it in me.  She is from Pennsylvania and grew up with tons of snow.  There are stories about snow up to the roof of her childhood home, digging tunnels to her grandparents’ house, sledding down the steepest hill in Hamburg and falling off at just the right moment to avoid flying onto the 2-lane highway below their property.  We still have her childhood sleds.  One of them acts as a coffee table as a cast member of the Yearly Christmas Decorations.

She gets excited at the mention of snow.  She peeks out the window at 5 am to see if it is here yet.  My husband will unhappily attest that I often wake up WELL before the alarm to see if the snow has actually come.  She and I still call each other to say, “it’s snowing outside”!

My brother and I, and our neighborhood pack, always took full advantage of snow days.  We went out for hours, came in only to eat and warm up.  Mom put the snow clothes in the dryer.  As soon as the buzzer went off, we suited up and were out again.  Building snowmen, igloos, 4 foot high snow slides, and SLEDDING!

Our neighborhood had decent hills to be used for sledding – and as we got a little older – bobsledding (seriously, there were sparks flying from the metal rungs on our 3 person bobsled!).  Our elementary school was only a short hike through the woods and a hop over the creek (yes, occasionally we didn’t make it over successfully and ended up with soaking wet and quickly frozen feet).  The school had decent hills.  But the church next door had an AWESOME hill.  It was probably only 6 feet long.  But it was steep.  And it was one of the best sledding rushes ever.

We went down on sleds, trash can lids, recycling bins, plastic tarps or trash bags, skate board decks (no wheels, just the boards).  And yes, we used the same things to go down the icy stairs that helped create that fabulous hill.  My neighborhood friends – wasn’t that hill fantastic (and the stairs while we’re at it)?

I have never stopped loving the time spent playing in the snow.  In the past few years, I can’t say that I’ve been sledding.  But I can guarantee I’ve done more than shovel it off my car and driveway.  I eat it.  Yes, I eat it.  I stomp around in it.  I make snow angels.  I make snow men.  I enjoy myself.  Thoroughly.

Last year we had TONS of snow in Virginia.  Buggy was too small to be able to enjoy it – he had just started sitting up and he was way too little to be out in the cold for too long.  Not to mention we managed to have a stomach virus during the first snowfall of his life.

Love them cheeks!

Today, he had a blast.  He jumped, he purposely fell down to sprawl out and say “whoa”, he licked the snow, he threw the snow, he grabbed the snow, he ran in the snow, he tilted his head back and yelled out at the snow.  It was awesome.

Still got some of them cheeks!

I cannot WAIT till I can go down a hill in a sled with him.  Because I love it so much, I will probably try it well before he’s ready to do it.  I’ll feel horrible when he most likely cries at the bottom of the hill, but I’ll love the ride down.  Buggy, get ready, because your mother will be sledding with you and your friends JUST as long as you guys will be sledding.  I apologize now for how much you will hate it.  But when you are 8 years old, you will love the super awesome snow ramp I build at the bottom of the hill.  You are going to catch so much air…

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6 Responses to S N O W! Snow Snow Snow!

  1. There’s something magical about childhood sledding – though none of my memories involve bobsledding, that’s hardcore! I’m a bit envious of those memories!

  2. Walt says:

    Excellent. In five minutes of reading you have brought back to this old coot, all the memories of being eight years old in Colorado.

  3. Jamie-Ellen says:

    I love all of your postings! You have so much voice and I feel like I’ve taken a little vacation each time I read one. =)

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