I’m With You Charlie Brown

‘Tis the season for decorating for Christmas.  And each year I feel pathetic.  Oh, I have grand fantasies of making (or buying) a beautifully decorated wreath for the front door; candles and ribboned wreaths adorning each window; cladding each room with trinkets, garland, and ornaments; outlining the trees and bushes with twinkling lights.  Somehow they never come true.

I have progressed a bit since my first year out of the comforts of my parents’ home and my mother’s 30 Christmas decoration boxes in the attic.  For the first 5 years of marriage, we lived in a home without a fireplace, had no children, and spent all of Christmas day at other people’s homes.  There was a tree, a wreath on the door, and that’s about it.

Last year was the first year in our new home – with a fireplace.  We moved in the first week of December.  Unpacking Christmas boxes was low on the priority totem pole.  However it was Buggy’s first Christmas so we HAD to do some sort of decorating.  There was a tree, a wreath on the door, and I MADE – yes MADE – stockings – for my entire family.  I’d say that’s a pretty big step up.  (They were sewn well before the move of course.)

This year, I had high hopes of living up to a few more of my Christmas decor dreams.  I approached Hubby with the idea of hanging wreaths from each window on the front of our house.  He had to think about it.  When we got home that afternoon we noticed each window had a screen that would have to be removed to hang the wreaths.  WAY too much work – no wreaths – ever.  Just the one on the front door.  The one I bought on sale last year.  The one that never made it up to the attic all year.  The one that is missing a few pinecones and berries.

I did however put lighted garland on the fireplace mantle and adorned it with Chrismas balls leftover from our jumbo pack we purchased.  We had to buy new ornaments – shatterproof is key when you have a toddler that can reach them.  And throw them.  We bought a real tree instead of piecing together the fake one.  The house smells a bit more Christmas-y.

Not too shabby

The BIG step I took was wrapping colored lights around the banisters on the front porch.  Amazingly enough I did this in 30 degree weather, wind blowing, a light dusting of snow on the ground, and with a sinus infection.  I’d say I kicked a bit of decorating laziness out of the way to get that one done.  I was lacking the outdoor extension cord to actually light both sides.  Now that the lights have been up for a week, without very necessary cord, I’ve decided I’d rather unwrap them than make the trip to buy the extension cord.  Yes folks, I am just that decorating lazy!

I do have really ugly Christmas towels (possibly a teacher present from years ago as it was in the box of gifts I’ve received that I try to regift – that’s right – every word in these parenthesis is true – look away in disgust) hanging from my oven door handle.  So ugly in fact that Aiden hates them and pulls them off each time I try to hang them up.

really not my style

Other than that, my house doesn’t look a ton like Christmas.  And I don’t have much to make it look a ton like Christmas.  Maybe I should hit up the post-Christmas sales this year in an effort to jazz it up next year.  If Lazy or his sister Cheap doesn’t get in the way.

My one lonely box of Christmas cheer

Thank goodness my mother bought Buggy the Fisher-Price Little People Nativity.  It’s a Christmas decoration… it’s a toy… it’s a Christmas toycoration (yes I made that word up) that can be thrown, thrashed about, and gnawed on that will last throughout the holiday season!

Hmmm... the camel's missing

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3 Responses to I’m With You Charlie Brown

  1. Laura Kassner says:

    Towels were definitely a teacher gift – I’ve got ’em too! Hahaha.

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