What A Week – And Not Because of the Holiday.

This has been an interesting week to say the least.  And it was not at all what I expected.

I love Thanksgiving.  It is my favorite holiday by far.  I love the food, the family, the fall season.  It’s fantastic.  I especially love pumpkin pie.  Mmmmm.  I look forward to Thanksgiving as soon as the fall season begins.  However, I don’t necessarily look forward to this year’s Thanksgiving.

I had a nasty cough starting the weekend before.  Hubby got my cough the day before the big holiday.  Buggy had a fever which turned into snot-a-palooza which turned into cough-a-palooza which turned into the first 2 hours of Thanksgiving Day in Patient First and CVS.  One upper respiratory virus diagnosis and one antibiotic later, we were on our way… to nowhere.  That’s right people.  We didn’t go ANYWHERE on Thanksgiving Day.  No turkey, no sweet potato casserole, no mashed potatoes, no rolls, NO PUMPKIN PIE, no family gathering.  My niece, child of the host and hostess of this year’s gathering, got the flu.  As of now, we are going to try to redo Thursday today.  Hoping it still tastes the same even if it doesn’t feel the same.

So we spent Thanksgiving Day coughing, chugging cough syrup (adults only) and antibiotics (child only and not really chugging because 1/2 a teaspoon cannot be chugged), and wiping snot from a very grumpy 17-month-old.

{Side note: Hubby’s cousins came by Thursday evening with food- not turkey day food but food the same- for a get together previously planned so the day/holiday was not all lost.}

I use the term grumpy as an understatement.  The boy has been plain rotten when he has wanted to be plain rotten.  Whoever came up with the term “terrible twos” is an idiot because it does not happen at 2.  It happens long before then.  I thought his attitude was due to not feeling well and not sleeping well (40 minute naps people… 40 minute naps).  But he feels better, and he has slept better (just 1 day of course), and his attitude isn’t “fixed”.  Now that I think about it though, this didn’t all start this week.  I guess I noticed it more seeing as I’ve spent 5 of the past 6 days at home with him.

Let me try to give you a good idea of this lovely attitude.  If he doesn’t get his way – like can’t pull all of the dirty dishes out of the dishwasher, or grab the knife off the counter, or eat a rock – he screams at the top of his lungs.  Ear piercing, ear drum busting, brain hemorrhaging shriek!  He continues for a few screeches.  Once he realizes that I’m ignoring the screaming, he tries to bite or hit.  He’ll bite the baby gate, a Lego, tries to bite my hand.  He’ll hit the dog, the floor, his sippy cup, even me.  Trying to bite/hit myself or other living creatures – that’s when he gets a stern “no” and a time out – which is my only defense and seems pretty crappy since he won’t understand it for another 7 months of his life.  Awesome.  Time out consists of him laying down in that spot, crying, yelling, and rolling around.  Sometimes he sits there with a pathetic look on his face – I figure it’s because he has now forgotten why he is there but knows something is wrong.  I remind him of the correct attitude, behavior, and we hug.  Then it’s off to happy time until 5 more minutes down the road I’ve ruined his life yet again because I wont’ let him lick the bottom of my tennis shoes.

Yes, I am picking my battles.  If it’s dangerous (trying to climb on the oven), wrong (hitting myself, the dog, or Dad), I deal with it.  If it isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, I let it go.  I’m already planning my trip to the library to check out a few toddler tantrum books to stock my bag of tricks.

Funny how you walk around all childless for so many years and so smugly say to yourself “when I have kids my child will not throw tantrums – I’ll take care of it the first time.”  Oh old, stupid, childless self.  If you only knew.  Taking care of it works really well when you’re all sick, you don’t get to eat Thanksgiving dinner, and you actually have a child that acts like you haven’t taken care of it.  Luckily we have yet to reach the “tantrum in public stage” of life.  I’ll really eat my words then.

But for now, I can deal with it because he is just this cute…

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2 Responses to What A Week – And Not Because of the Holiday.

  1. Elizabeth Ferguson says:

    Few words – you are a great mom and you’ll continue to be. The good thing is that you’ve given him the confidence to be himself. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sarah Bay says:

    You are an awesome mom! I noticed with my daughter that she started getting grumpy and moody starting about 2 months before her birthday. That lasted up until about 3rd grade.

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