Excitement Equals The Pumpkin Patch

Yes, a few of you have noticed I haven’t posted in quite a while.  I am OVERWHELMED with work (to put it mildly) and that stress carries over into the home life with trying to find a balanced system of function with a stressful job that requires a bit more of my effort and attention.  My life, of late, has been work, home, sleep, repeat.  Therefore, not a lot of excitement or interest to share – and my brain is too tired to create deep thought.  Plus, I’d rather give my all (really it’s about 5% by that time of the day) to my child than my blog.  But I’ve been to the grocery store, pumpkin patch, and am now publishing a post.  Things are looking up.

While eating dinner at the mother-in-law’s house (delicious food, Buggy eats every drop of Asian food he gets, and no clean up- SWEET!), a spur of the moment decision was made to visit the pumpkin patch today with brother-in-law and girlfriend.  I guess you could say it is a tradition, although something might have to occur more than twice to be considered a tradition.  But hey, two years in a row, with a young child in tow, “tradition” it is!

What a difference a year makes (besides the fact that we got there when it opened and had NO wait for the hay ride.  SCORE!).  Last year, Buggy dangled from the Baby Bjorn; had to be held at, on, or near pumpkins for pictures (leading to my hands and arms being in every shot); had no idea what was going on (and really didn’t care); and screamed all the way home because nap time was a bit compromised (there is no way to do the pumpkin patch with a 4-month old without losing a bit of napping).

I had forgotten how bald he was (and I was for that matter)

This year, Buggy entertained himself wonderfully on the 20 minute ride there (and then back – thank goodness because it was a bit past lunch time and he had refused his morning snack); looked confused but delighted with the hay ride; walked around the patch somewhat on his own accord (it’s a bit tricky for adults who have been walking for years, not months); touched, pulled, attempted to pick up the pumpkins; mostly played with the mud and half decayed pumpkin vines; but overall enjoyed the experience (although probably still not knowing quite what the big deal was and why 3 adults hovered around him with expensive cameras and zoom lenses).

The bitty pumpkin was the best find of the day.

Last year we kept saying, “he’s really going to love the pumpkin patch next year.”  Guess what we said to each other on the way back today.  Yup.  You guessed it.  “He’s really going to love the pumpkin patch next year.”  Which I am assuming will be more true than when we said it last year, as my idea of a 1-year old was quite different than the reality.  No matter what, it’s an experience for him and for us.  No matter how long (or short) he may remember it, he has had a fun, new experience today.  And that’s what we are all about – the experiences we are able to provide him.  We have great pictures to enjoy, beautiful pumpkins for the front porch and let’s not forget, a family tradition that is all our own.

Soon to be carved...

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