Frenemy Update

Nap time totally turned its back on me yesterday.  He slept.  From 11-12:30.  That’s usually awake and lunch time.  His whole schedule, my whole schedule, was completely messed up.  Extra snack.  Late lunch.  Weirdness.  And from 3:30 on, he cried, and cried, and cried.  Not the whiny fake cry either.  Scrunched up red face with tears and snot pouring down.  Sure, there were moments of not crying.  But there were mostly moments of crying.  It was either because he was hungry (he got mad because I was cooking, he got mad when I walked away from the kitchen, he got mad when I walked past the high chair and didn’t put him in it), he was tired (because of the weird nap stuff), or the possible headache (ummmm… we were playing on the bed, he tried to crawl off, as I grabbed him he banged his head on the end table.  Enter CPS).  Maybe it was a combo of all three.  Either way, it was apparently the wrong night to spend 40 minutes preparing an hour-long bake in the oven meal and my husband to come home late from work.  YIKES!

I’ve been avoiding sweets and desserts for many months now in the hopes that I will not gain weight and possibly lose weight.  I don’t like exercise, I enjoy food (like good food.  Not boiled chicken food.), and I’m hoping the baby weight will magically disappear without any effort on my part.  But I know I have a severe problem with sweets.  I’d buy two boxes of fruit snacks and eat one on the way home from the grocery store (a mile away from my home).  And that was the reason I bought two boxes.  Yes, that bad.  But last night, I could not avoid the urge.  Hubby wanted ice cream, I wanted cookies.  I bought both (but just ate the cookies… and a bite of ice cream).  I was a bit emotional last night.  The hour and a half of my son being inconsolably upset while I cooked and cuddled was hard.  I feel bad when I don’t know what’s wrong and I can’t figure out how to help.  It is draining and exhausting on both of us.

One of my friends who has a daughter a few weeks older than Buggy shared with me that her daughter is still transitioning (it’s been like a month) and sometimes takes 2 naps or 1 long nap.  Holy Moly.  I know the books said that could happen.  But I ignored that part. I may have ripped out that paragraph and burned it.  Don’t worry, I poured coffee on the book first so I had to buy it from the library.  I can do whatever I want with it.

I hate you nap time.  Until you come back regularly and beautifully.  Then I will love you deeply.

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