Nap Time Is My Frenemy

Lord Help Me!  For the past 8 days, Buggy has been a bit off with the nap schedule.  There have been morning naps – most pretty normal and successful.  There has been only one afternoon nap.  He is almost 14 months.  But everything I’ve read and heard says 15 is the prime time for the “1 nap transition”.  I have been denying that he is ready for this, but I can’t find another explanation, so today I gave in.

I don’t have a great relationship with Buggy’s naps.  In the early days, I quite enjoyed his frequent slumbers as I snored right along with him.  Then when the whole “schedule” arose, we had some fights.  A lot of fights.  Nap time and I didn’t get along.  My side of the story?  Nap time was torturing my child by hiding when he was supposed to be with my son.  There were days, even several in a row, of NO NAPPING with me, the sitter, grandparents.  It was horrible.  The child looked like a zombie baby with dark bags and circles under his eyes.  And I had no idea what to do and neither did anyone else.  After reading a “parenting self help” book about sleep and getting some constipation under control (his, not mine), nap time became a friend again.  We’ve been friends since January.  It’s been really nice.

Apparently nap time decided to take a summer vacation without telling us.  And a little early at that.  Because we have been totally thrown off course.  The sitter and my hubby have both brought up the whole “what if he’s ready for the transition?”.  I was not ready for the transition.  I know, one nap a day brings along great rewards – the ability to do more outside of the house within the day.  But it also means I will have to shower very early, very late, with an awake and roaming toddler, or not at all.  Either way, I didn’t want to try the transition too early because the fallout from trying too early is much worse than waiting another week to see.  At least to me.  I’ve been there and done that.  I didn’t like it.  He and I slept very little at night.  He slept very little during the day. Anyone with a not so pleasant sleeper knows what I’m talking about (and from what I can gather – that’s about 95% of you moms and dads).

However I felt, my hand was forced today.  He had his snack and I put him down at his normal morning nap time.  No sleep.  I checked on him after 20 minutes – no poop and blanket was in the crib.  Another 15 minutes – same.  Talked to hubby.  We decided after an hour of not sleeping, pull him out, play, small snack, transition nap time.

The books all say start at 11, then move up by 30 minute increments after a couple days until you get to the opportune afternoon time.  We started that today.  He slept for an hour and a half, not quite what I would have liked, but that’s what he’s been doing lately but much earlier in the morning.  He is definitely full of spunk.  Trying to break my laptop as I write this sentence.  And I’m sure he’ll sleep fine tonight – he usually does.

I just hope and pray that this “fight” with nap time doesn’t last too long.  Because my life (and Buggy’s) is much happier and more peaceful when nap time is a friend.

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