Interview With Buggy

The following is an imaginary interview I would have liked to have had with my son only moments ago.

Me: Why are you crying?  You are supposed to be asleep.

Buggy: Can’t you see my thigh is stuck in the crib slats and my blanket is on the floor?  Geez woman!

Me: Ok, your thigh is free.  Here’s your blanket.  Why is your blanket on the floor?

Buggy: Cuz I threw it down there.

Me: Why?  I just picked it up off the floor 10 minutes ago.

Buggy: Because I wanted to throw it down there.

Me: Why do you want to throw it on the floor?  You won’t sleep without it.

Buggy: It’s fun.  And I get to see you on and off for another hour.

Me: But I’m trying to clean the kitchen, fold the laundry, check email, read and write blog posts… and YOU are supposed to be SLEEPING right now!

Buggy (with a HUGE smile on his face): I know!

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