Hardcore TV Challenge – LAST WEEK!

I’m sorry… what’s that?  A TV Challenge?  I slightly remember agreeing to do it.  Something about limiting TV time, not using it to get dinner ready or check email or pee in peace.

Oh wait… it’s coming back to me now.  The past 3 weeks were interesting (Week 2, Week 3).  Seems as though I may have been depressed without TV by the sound of my updates.

But this week has been a breeze – if by breeze I mean that parenting is still an up and down roller coaster but I did not long for the safety rope often released by TV.  I got sleep.  I’m still tired, and I am slowly learning that I will always be tired as long as I am a mother – which is the rest of my life – because there will never be a dull moment and there is always a new kind of hard.

But I got sleep.  And we went out.  A “cold front” moved in so it was a “chilly” 90 degrees this week instead of 110!  We played in the baby pool out back.  We went to the park.  We tried new and familiar activities, friends, adventures, toys, kitchen utensils.  All of this helps to distract and wear out the 1 year old which allows for a bit of peace and quiet now and again.

The backyard bathing bonanza!

I didn’t think about resorting to TV once!  Yes, I had to bat him away from destroying my laptop as I checked Facebook and returned emails.  Yes, he chased me around while I vacuumed.  Yes, he still whined and wailed clinging to my shins as I prepared some meals.  But I pushed on (and pushed him away – no, not really – ok, maybe a little bit, but gentle, loving pushing).

Dare I say… my husband and I actually have started the discussion of canceling our cable altogether?  Oh yes.  With Buggy not watching ANY TV, cable is not used for 21 out of 24 hours in the day.  We pay $80/month for basic HD stuff (RIDICULOUS).  And we can get most of our shows through various other (cheaper) providers. 

Alex, I’m starting to think your challenge is like “going green” or “eating organic” – a healthy fad that catches on quick and only provides for the betterment of all our lives!  Thanks for the challenge.  I’m hoping it will forever make me conscientious of not just my child(ren)’s screen time, but of my own as well – because we aren’t stopping here.  Oh no, we will continue to be hard core.  Because that’s just who we are.

How I feel and he looks...

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7 Responses to Hardcore TV Challenge – LAST WEEK!

  1. You ARE hardcore!! And canceling cable? Is the AWESOME. Think of all the extra times you can GO OUT TO EAT with that $80!!

    Thanks for participating. You helped me TONS.

    • AKeo says:

      Thanks for starting the challenge! Sometimes we just need a push from others to help us do what we know is right or best. Funny how we sort of all had the same realizations about ourselves. But I don’t think everyone will be continuing the TV limits! I think some may have had the TV on all day today!

  2. Kate says:

    “there is always a new kind of hard” — amen. Parenting is an ever evolving task. Once you figure something out, you are thrown something new.

    Great way to end this challenge! We cancelled cable years ago (realizing the same thing) and it’s nice to have that extra money. With netflix, we get the cable shows, okay a season or so late, but whatever. Who new being hardcore would pay so well?

  3. Kellie says:

    You did it!! We considered canceling cable before we did the challenge only to find out our cable company had other ideas. They will find any way possible to get you to stay. Anyways!! I think the best part is forcing myself to find new things to do with my kids. Good times!!

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