Programmable Politicians: The Wave Of The Future

I am unhappy with our two-party system of politics.  There are MANY reasons why but I’ll give you my top two not in any particular order.

  1. They seem to say, do, think, feel, etc. simply out of spite for the other party.  This gets nobody anywhere and is really annoying.
  2. I don’t fit either party.  And I’d say there is a small percentage of people whose beliefs are perfectly aligned with either party.

I would like very much to complete a politics survey.  I envision it to be very similar to what they may offer on dating websites to match up perfect personalities as soul mates.  Each hot button issue has varying degrees of agreement or disagreement.  A computer does its thing, computes my entry, and out comes the perfect politician to represent me.

I guess my perfect politician would have to be a computer program or a robot in order for this dream to come to fruition.  Would it be so bad to have computers and robots rule the country… or world?  Would it all end as The Matrix?  I have hope that one day my mix of beliefs and opinions will be represented adequately by competent, moral, and upstanding people… robots… shoot, I’ll take a dog with common sense.

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