My World Record: Boogie Boarding

I’m at the beach today.  No husband, no child.  Seven girlfriends getting away from life and enjoying a day in the sun and sand.  And possibly enjoying heat stroke and sun burn.

I love the beach just as much as the next person.  I love being in and near water in general.  I think my parents put me in swimming lessons as soon as I was old enough to not drown.  I’ve grown up swimming in lakes, rivers, pools, creeks, oceans, bays, seas, etc.  I do NOT enjoy laying NEXT to the water roasting myself.

Don’t get me wrong.  In high school I certainly did my fair share of rubbing on the baby oil and turning myself a nice toasty brown.  But I never enjoyed it that much.  I prefer to bake and baste.  Mostly baste.  Less bake.  Hmmm… I’m in the mood for turkey.

The first time I went to the beach with a few of these girlfriends, I was SHOCKED to discover that they did NOT get into the water under any circumstances.  Their boyfriends had been fishermen (for fun, not careers – I don’t know anyone on Deadliest Catch) all their lives.  The girls had the unfortunate experience of seeing all of the lovely creatures they pulled up from not that too far out in the surf.  My husband didn’t take up fishing till later in life, and either way I am in complete denial that any sort of sea creature swims anywhere close to where I play in the waves.

It didn’t take long for me to change these girls’ ways.  The draw of the boogie board is difficult to resist.  Of course, the beginning consisted of a great deal of screaming, squealing, and running in and out of the surf by these lovely friends and my laughing so hard I almost fell over into the water.  But they finally warmed up to the notion that we can all live in harmony – humans and sharks alike.  And their shrieks of fear were replaced with squeals of delight as we road the waves in on our beautifully dolphin decorated boards.

So today, if you are anywhere near us at the beach, you will be happy to see us enjoying the waves.  Seven of us, 30 years of age or pretty darn close, will be riding on and tumbling in the waves.  I’m sure each of us will have the wonderful opportunity to be hurled up the beach by a rogue wave – flashing a butt cheek or two.  We are actually counting on some of us doing that to make the trip really worth our while.  Hey, one of our friends lost her entire bathing suit one year and just stood their crying for help! (Haha!  That was seriously the all time funniest moment of my life.  Hands down!)

And 30 years from now, I sure hope you’ll see us still boogie boarding (maybe without the indecent exposures).  And maybe in the Guinness Book of World Records for the oldest women ever to still try and enjoy the boogie board.

Boogie Boards For Life!  (I think we should get boogie board tatoos to seal our bond…)

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3 Responses to My World Record: Boogie Boarding

  1. Motpg says:

    Wonderful! Don’t stop. I decided to retry surfing when I was 42. I was grounded on the beach for years to watch the kids because surfing is my husbands first love and as long as that was the only one I didn’t mind being the one doing the roasting.
    I suck and don’t get a chance often but do it when I can. Go for that record!!

    • AKeo says:

      That’s great! It was about 100 degrees yesterday so we literally spent all 5 hours in the water on our boogie boards. We only came up and out to reapply sunblock. It continues to be fun so I think we have a real shot at being 60 year old boogie boarders!

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