My Internet Social Life

I am certainly a fan of Facebook.  I check it more times during the day than I’d like to admit.  I make a status update just about once a day, sometimes more than once.  I have reconnected with long lost elementary school friends.  But I have also reconnected with friends that aren’t so long or lost… and to be honest, aren’t really “friends”.

Is it weird that I know some of the intimate details of people’s lives that I haven’t spoken to in years?  I guess they know the same about me too.  I have Facebook friends that I have not typed one word to, and they haven’t typed to me.  The extent of our relationship began and ended at clicking “accept friend request”.  And some of those people I never even spoke to in high school either!  (Well, let’s be honest… I was a dork, nerd, loser… whatever you want to call it so most likely they were the ones that didn’t speak to me.)

Is it weird that I start at least one conversation a week with, “Well, I have a Facebook friend that…” and proceed to discuss whatever status update they have posted that is relevant to my conversation.  Is it weird that when my mom updates me about friends from church I say, “I know, I saw something on Facebook about…”  (I feel like a few question marks should go in there somewhere but I don’t know where – I’m not an English major.  So here it is – ?)

But is it even weirder that while I think it is strange to know so many mundane details (and sometimes a little too important details – come on people, you are airing out dirty laundry on the world wide web!) about these strangers’ lives, I can’t seem to bring myself to delete them, hide them, scratch them out of my circle of knowledge?

I can’t help but wonder if this is a pro or con towards the connection the Internet brings to me and others.  I guess it is a minus if I’m the only one that mentions my facebook friends in conversations.

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2 Responses to My Internet Social Life

  1. Laura Kassner says:

    I say “One of my FB friends says…” but even nerdier? More times than I care to admit in the course of a day, I say “I heard on NPR that…” THAT’s when you know you need an intervention! 🙂

    • AKeo says:

      HAHA! I am happy to hear I am not the only one! And yes… that NPR bit can be a little nerdy. But I say nerd it up my friend. At least you are an informed participant in that conversation!

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