Food Wars: More Inner Turmoil Than A Soap Opera

I’m thinking I might make this a weekly topic.  Hopefully others will keep me positive, give me good ideas, and share your struggles and triumphs as well!

Why is it so hard to feed a toddler?  And it isn’t like 1 degree of difficulty.  It comes at you from every angle.

Something he eats today, he refuses to eat tomorrow.  He ate pureed spinach by the spoonfuls but now doesn’t like that I have added it to the mashed potatoes.  Put too much on the highchair tray, he begins smashing and throwing.  Put too little on the highchair tray, he begins screaming for more.

Worst of all – it has put a spotlight on just how unhealthy my husband and I eat and just how uninventive I have become as a cook.  I used to think I ate vegetables.  Now I am blatantly aware that I hardly eat vegetables – or I eat the same 2 on an irregular basis.  And we enjoy way too much fried food… thanks to the deep fryer we bought ourselves for Christmas.  Seems when you have one you use it… often.

The transition from baby food to table food was supposed to be joyous and again highlight my awesomeness as a mother.  I made just about every bit of his baby food.  He ate it all too.  Loved it.  Couldn’t get enough.  I really got a lot of pride (and still do when I think about it) out of making him such healthy and delicious baby food.  I would continue feeding him fabulousness in solid form as well.  Errr… wait… why is my awesomeness getting dull?

I refuse to create a picky eater – or at least be the reason why he is a picky eater.  I have been adamant about that since before I was even pregnant.  I refuse to have a child that only eats box macaroni, pizza, and candy.  So far, we are doing well.  I don’t make that stuff very often – but he’s eaten chicken strips, pizza, box macaroni, and syrup on his pancakes.  I’m ok with that, if it’s infrequent.  He really is an adventurous eater.  And my big thing is to throw variety in his face.  But I am tired every moment of every day and it is easy to fall into a rut of feeding him the same things over and over again because I do the same to myself.

We eat dinner together as a family – it’s super early, but it avoids crying, clawing, and extra work from all 3 of us.  But it is REALLY HARD to think of meals that everyone will eat.  And it is REALLY HARD to get a toddler to eat all the vegetables he would eat in puree form.  And it is REALLY HARD to plan creative, healthy food when you have to do 3 meals and 2 snacks a day!

I got into a rut and looked online and in my baby cook books for some ideas.  Found a few extra things that we all ate last week… first time for the little guy…

  • White Chicken Chili
  • Fajita burrito (fajita steak and peppers, cheese, mexican rice)
  • loaded quesadilla (chicken, cheese, mushrooms, spinach, pepper)
  • Ok, I see the trend, he (we) likes Tex-Mex…
  • Cambodian curry chicken (made by grandma of course)

We also found a few things he wouldn’t eat – this time.  But I will continue to ooze culinary creativity this week and see how it goes.

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