Hardcore TV Challenge – Week 2

My challenge – no tv at all for my under 2-year-old (cuz that research stuff says so).  Really shouldn’t be that hard since he only watched maybe 30-60 minutes a week anyways.

Failure in week 1 due to under-the-weatherness and absentee fishing husband.  Here’s what we got in week 2…

TOTAL SUCCESS!  Although I almost succumbed over the past few days…

Tuesday: I woke up about 20 times Monday night.  Hubby went an hour away to pick up a fishing rod so my relief came home an hour later that evening.  And Buggy’s naps were delayed for an hour BOTH times due to GHOST POOP (couldn’t smell it, didn’t feel it with the diaper squeeze).  Poor guy was trying to sleep but I kept checking on him and leaving poop in his pants.  He did not get a ton of sleep thanks to me.  He was irritable to say the least.  Making dinner that night without hubby to fend off the whiny goblin at my shins was quite a feat in and of itself.  He seriously tries to push me away from where I am working – I guess in hopes that a morsel of dinner prep will fall to the floor?

Wednesday: Horrible storm during the night, again very little sleep.  Buggy did not nap very well again (but this was all his fault, not mine!).  Luckily there was enough going on during the day to keep us a little busy (visitors, cleaning, I baked a peach pie – I know, I’m crazy, because all three tend to require TV time in most parenting handbooks).

And last night I got about 3 hours of sleep total – because my brain and body hate me and apparently want me to be so tired I can’t remember if I’ve brushed my teeth… this week… But I am determined to have a good report next week so I will do what I can in my delirious state.  Yay to the lunch/playdate at Chik-fil-a today or we would both be headed to the TV…

What kept me from turning on the lovable muppets on Sesame Street?  We moved him to a bigger room on Saturday, there are now toys and books galore for him to terrorize, and he LOVES it.  He can stay completely entertained for 15-20 minutes straight without needing to know where I am.  Then once I check-in he goes back to opening every book and throwing every block.  I’m actually folding laundry the same day it comes out of the dryer.  I’m hoping the new room honeymoon doesn’t end any time soon – like the next 3 years or so.

We made it!  I am utterly exhausted, however his precious little brain is safe one week longer.  Yay me!

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6 Responses to Hardcore TV Challenge – Week 2

  1. YAY!! And GHOST POOP is the ban of my existence.

  2. Kate says:

    Good job! My little one also pushes me away from the counter. Fun, isn’t it?

  3. I am so glad you had a successful second week. It was a tough week for us, but we all survived.

    Good luck with week 3!

  4. Kellie says:

    You rock! I’m impressed with the whole “folding the same day” concept.

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