A Wild, Ingrown Hair

I think I’ve gone crazy this week.  I’ve grown a wild hair.  Well maybe a few.  And maybe they have all grown as the giant ingrown on my bikini line that is absolutely killing me!  I would stop creating ingrowns there, but sadly I still want to be groomed for the backyard kiddy pool and sprinkler play that Buggy (my son’s nickname) and I enjoy at least 3 times a week.

Ok, back to the wild, ingrown hair(s).  We moved to our current house just before Christmas.  Our plan for the backyard – get rid of crazy bushes, shrubs, weeds, etc. this year so next year we can have fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and a look that rivals Lewis Ginter.  (I am cackling as I write and re-read that last line.  We seriously walked through there and pointed at everything and said in all seriousness, “that’s what I want the mulch area in the backyard to look like”.)  In-laws helped us remove the crazy bushes from our future vegetable garden last week.  That’s a start…

Notice the holes and root balls.

Because of the progress, I get a little excited.  I start researching “how to prepare land for a vegetable garden“.  Suddenly I am going to have an organic (mostly) garden in my backyard next summer and I am going to start, RIGHT NOW, making my own compost.  Oh yes, I took it that far.  Notice my husband rolling his eyes right about now…

My "do-it-yourself" compost bin.

The contents.

Why do I think I can do this?  I have NEVER been able to keep a plant alive – EVER!!!  I have summers off (the whole teacher thing).  We tried a garden 3 years ago (pre-child) at our old house.  I was too lazy to get off the couch and water the stupid thing.  (There were also billions of japanese beetles flying around our house and I was terrified one might hit me or land on me, so staying inside and letting the garden die was a much safer choice.)  But I am determined to feed my child, and myself, vegetables grown from my self-composted, non-chemical pesticided garden next year.  I figure I have never been so productive in my life as I have since giving birth (there is no time to be lazy, rest, or do nothing), so I have a decent shot.  And the fact that my husband thinks I’m a lunatic makes me want to work at it even harder.  I’ll show him (yes, my fist is balled tightly and I’m shaking it back and forth with a grimacing look on my face)!

Oh yeah, I said hair(s).  I’m also starting a blog!  Haha!  Seriously Anne, clean the house, read a book to your child, sit down for a second.  Making compost and blogging to nobody seem like wastes of your precious time…

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7 Responses to A Wild, Ingrown Hair

  1. Lammie says:

    I’ll help with your garden! D and I started a small one in our backyard. Its looking rather well.

    • akeo3 says:

      That’s right – I forgot your man comes for an expert gardening family. I’m thinking of the one in his dad’s backyard. My goal is to keep it small. Like 1 or 2 plants of the stuff we want to grow. Hopefully I can keep that alive.

  2. John says:

    And now you also just took on another 4 legged creature for the next 12 days… he may help with some digging if you just teach him! I want to see pictures and a full report!

  3. I have always wanted to compost — it’s my next going green project (thatIhaventstartedyet)

    • akeo3 says:

      Of course, I’ve only composted for 3 days now. But it seems like it will be easy. I’m in the backyard all the time with the little guy so it’s pretty convenient to get the kitchen compost stuff out there. We’ll see how easy it is once I really have to stir it, divide it, spread it somewhere…

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